As an art  student in the 60’s I became interested in silkscreen printing as a way of producing  my fabric designs. It is possible, with careful planning, to create seamless lengths of fabric using repeated prints.

I was also involved in putting on bands and had started designing posters for these events. Using my new found knowledge of screenprinting I then began to print the posters as well.

When I started teaching I initially continued to design and print posters but the demands of my job made this  impossible. Apart from the odd print I didn’t touch a squeegee again until 2010.

In recent years I’ve used photography to record social events and my travels. I thought a recent photo of my grandson Jackson would make a good black and white silkscreen print.

Following this I began working from other photos, principally from a trip to South America.

Creating prints that try to capture the mood or feel of a place, whether it’s the ethereal other worldliness of Machu Picchu or the warm weathered stones of a Cotswold pub.


Judge for yourself, look in the gallery which features a number of screenprinting ideas I have been developing.   

Working with willow was another area I started developing in 2010. After completing a ‘dry’ project last summer I am investigating working with live willow to create living sculptures.

Further details on both can be found on the following pages.