1. Boris : The joker in the pack.(30x40cm)

Edition of 20 prints : Unframed £25, Framed £35

2. Leonard Cohen : a chronicler of life, love and loss.(40x50cm)

Edition of 20 prints : Unframed £65, Framed £80

3. Jimi Hendrix : Jimi, a guitarist, songwriter and singer exploded on the London Scene in the 60’s. In a few short years he produced a nunber of classic rock albums (40x50cm)

Limited Edition of 20 prints : £65 unframed, £80 framed

4. Andy Warhol : An artist, printmaker, producer and filmmaker was a leading figure in the Pop Art movement. This cardboard box print pays homage to his Brillo box series.(32x23x23cm)

 Limited Edition of 20 printed boxes: £75, posted UK £85, posted worldwide £95e

2.Bob Dylan : From Greenwich Village troubadour to the present day Bob Dylan has created a unique musical canon .Edition of 20 prints: Unframed £65, Framed £80