1. The City

An image using overprinted, semi-transparent colours and a solid black image, ‘grounding’ the complete print.(40x50cm)

Edition of 20 prints : Unframed £65, Framed £80

2. Angle of the North

An iconic figure from a different angle? With apologies to Antony Gormley.(40x50cm)

Edition of 20 prints :Unframed £65, Framed £80

3. Mondrain

A little bit of whimsy, with apologies to Piet Mondrian (40x50cm)

Edition of 20 prints : Unframed £65, Framed £80


5. Ancient Timbers : A section of dredged up boat’s timbers lent against a wall in the Split Maritime Museum. (42x42cm)

Edition of 20 prints: Unframed £65, Framed £85

Also available as single edition print on steel, see for more details see Prints in other Formats and Paintings